About Us


As Founder of our dynamic, family-owned brand, it brings me immense pride to extend a warm and vibrant welcome!  The first time I put on those skis, I knew this would be a passion I’d enjoy for a lifetime. It was a transformative experience.

I’ve developed lasting friendships and traveled to varied parts of the world enjoying the exhilarating rush of fresh powder and the breathtaking beauty of the mountains.  I began to think, if only more knew about this -- the spectacular sights, the rush of adrenaline, and the laughter and conversation with familiar faces, perhaps we could build a community united by this shared love of adventure.

With The Black Powder Movement, my aim is to inspire others to live an active, elegant life, full of expression and style; that’s young and mature, creating memories, collaborating, and just having fun.

I invite you to become acquainted with the Black Powder Movement. Enjoy our exclusive activewear and become a member. Awareness of the joys of living and connecting with each other can transform our everyday experiences into something extraordinary.

This ---is how we move.



Founder, The Black Powder Movement